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Nancy Garden

The Year They Burned the Books

From the author of Annie on My Mind comes an unflinching novel about prejudice, censorship, and homophobia in a New England town.
As the editor in chief of the Wilson High Telegraph, senior Jamie Crawford is supposed to weigh in on the cutting-edge issues that will interest students in her school. But when she writes an opinion piece in support of the new health curriculum—which includes safe-sex education and making condoms available to students—she has no idea how much of a controversy she’s stepped into.
A conservative school board member has started a war against the new curriculum, and now—thanks to Jamie’s editorial—against the newspaper as well. As Jamie deals with the fallout and comes to terms with her own sexuality, the school and town become a battleground for clashing opinions. Now, Jamie and the students at Wilson need to find another way to express their beliefs before prejudice, homophobia, and violence define their small town.
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    Citizenship meets LGBTQ meets Religious Studies

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    I want to be your friend, Jamie. I want to go on being your friend, always, no matter what.
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    I hate it when people are cruel, and that’s what hate speech is, and that’s why I was so mad.
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    “If I were gay,” Tessa said, looking out Jamie’s window, “I don’t think I’d hide it. Or I’d hide it completely, never give anyone a clue.”

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