Barb Drozdowich

Website Tips and Tricks

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You’ve finally figured out how to create a website to promote your book—great! But once you set it up, how will people find you? What are readers looking for anyway? How do you fix it if something looks off?

The answers are easier than you think.

In “Website Tips & Tricks,” you’ll gain access to a ton of useful skills to build upon the foundation you already have and maintain your site throughout the years. It’s designed for authors who have very little technical knowledge, and you can implement what you learn right away.
Just a few of the topics include:
•    The three pages your website absolutely must have
•    Choosing your theme and plugins
•    Creating content that is reader-friendly and highlights your books
•    Setting up your website so it loads faster
•    Improving your website’s visibility in searches
Most importantly, you’ll become comfortable playing around with your website.
Barb Drozdowich has published 18 books on a variety of tech topics, most focused at the needs of authors. She breaks complex topics down into simple steps so that you can use what you learn right away.
Managing your website doesn’t have to be scary.
Pick up a copy and start improving your site today!
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