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Do you struggle with technology? Are you interested in self-publishing a book, but fear it is beyond your capabilities?

When confronted with the confusing, multifaceted world of publishing, many authors make the assumption they aren’t capable of self-publishing, but nothing could be further from the truth!

How to Self-Publish a Book: For the Technology Challenged Author is perfect for authors who have finished a wonderfully creative story, but are intimidated by the next steps. The step-by-step, friendly format will make it easy for you to shake off the anxiety of the unknown and find your way safely and quickly to the fun and profits of self-publishing.

Author Barb Drozdowich, has worked with non-technical authors for years and understands how to break complex topics down using non-technical language. She has traditionally published and self-published a total of 27 books and understands all of the various iterations of publishing. Barb cuts through all the technobabble to teach you what you need to know to successfully self-publish your book in a down-to-earth and practical way.

Some of the skills you will learn from this book include:

How to find an editor

What an ISBN is and where to get one for the country you live in

How to structure and format your book

Where you can sell your book, how to set up retailer accounts, and how to get paid

What real numbers tell us about book sales

What to look for in a self-publishing company and how to decide if it’s the right option for you

You will also have access to a huge appendix filled with articles for further reading, lists of helpful videos, lists of distributors, and much more.

Don’t let your struggles with technology hold you back from self-publishing. Let Barb help you to learn the language and move forward into the self-publishing world with confidence.
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