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Natsu Hyuuga

The Apothecary Diaries: Volume 2 (Light Novel)

Dismissed from the rear palace, Maomao returns to service in the outer court—as the personal serving woman to none other than Jinshi! That doesn’t necessarily make her popular with the other ladies, but a bit of jealousy might be the least of her problems. A mysterious warehouse fire, an official with a very bad case of food poisoning, and the mysterious last will and testament of a deceased craftsman all demand her attention—but are these cases really separate, or do they share a troubling connection? Then there’s the mysterious military man who continually visits Jinshi. He’s strange, maybe even a little twisted… and he seems very interested in Maomao.
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Kevin Steinbach
Touko Shino
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    Tem o 11?

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    👍Струва си да се прочете
    💞Обичам я до смърт

    Jinshi age - 24 yrs old

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  • Maririnцитирапреди 7 дни
    “Are you quite serious?” Jinshi asked. Across from him, a man reclined on a couch. A middle-aged ruler with a prodigious beard, who now nodded slowly.

    They were in a particular pavilion in the outer court. Small, but with excellent visibility; a mouse couldn’t have crawled in without them seeing it. The ruler leaned on his ivory-bedecked couch and poured grape wine into a glass vessel. Although he was sitting with the most august personage in the nation, Jinshi had also been quite at his ease. At least, until a moment ago.

    The Emperor stroked his beard and grinned. Would it be rude of Jinshi to suggest he didn’t like it? But the beard looked very good on His Majesty. Jinshi couldn’t beat him in the facial hair department.
  • maria enica de guzmanцитирапреди 8 дни
    “Sir... Please give me my ox bezoar.”

    Jinshi’s head co
  • nicolebeltramelliцитирапредходен месец
    “In fact, it’s practically watery now.” The doctor looked quite impressed.
    “Arrowroot and glue are rather similar,” Maomao offered.
    “I suppose you could say that... I wonder if saliva thins out glue the same way it does arrowroot.”
    The doctor’s mouth opened. “Indeed what?”
    He wasn’t as quick on the uptake as Maomao would have liked. I’m practically rubbing his nose in it, she thought, but she decided to give him one more hint.
    “Oxen, I believe, produce a great deal of slobber.”
    “Yes, now that you mention it, I suppose that’s true.”
    “What if you were to find out where the ox is drinking its water? Just to be sure.”
    Maomao, resolved not to say anything further, cleaned up the teacups, and promptly went back to the Jade Pavilion. The quack must have finally caught on, for he dashed off a letter and hurried out of the medical office to send it.
    Maomao contemplated what she would do when she was done cleaning.
    But it’s when things seem most quiet that disaster often lurks.

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