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Natsu Hyuuga

The Apothecary Diaries: Volume 4 (Light Novel)

Though her main duty is still looking after Consort Gyokuyou, Maomao finds time to help her friends and acquaintances in the rear palace, including Xiaolan, who will need a job after her term of service ends, and Consort Lishu, who’s convinced she’s seen a ghost! When complications arise with Gyokuyou’s pregnancy, however, Maomao knows she’s not skilled enough to handle a situation that could threaten the life of both mother and child. She knows someone who is, but they haven’t been welcome in the rear palace for a very long time… Meanwhile, Maomao begins to discern what seem to be links between otherwise unrelated incidents in the rear palace. But what if her dawning knowledge makes her the next victim?
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    👍Струва си да се прочете

    the final scenes with jinshi and maomao… i just can’t 😳

  • Amália Meirellesсподели впечатлениепреди 9 дни
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    Amo muito

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    Love these apothecary diaries books


  • Ani Swardцитирапреди 4 дни
    omething else, then?” she suggested.
    “Something else...” Jinshi began, but then he said nothing further. Neither of them spoke, the silence stretching on.
    What, he didn’t have anything to say after all? Maomao thought. She was about to get up, eager to get back to work on her medicines, when suddenly Jinshi was coming closer, then wrapping himself around her neck.
    “May I ask, sir, what exactly you’re doing?”
    She felt something damp and warm brush her neck—no, surround it. She felt teeth; she realized she was being sweetly, gently bitten.
    “Do you know what it means now?” Jinshi asked.
    “Well, human saliva can be toxic.” Just as a bite from a wild animal had to be carefully disinfected lest it fester, the same precautions had to be taken with a bite from a person.
    Jinshi said absolutely nothing.
    “I’d like to get back to my work, sir.”
    “I know it takes more than a little toxin to bother you.”
    He bit harder. It started to hurt a little, and she smacked him on the back. He only bit down harder still, and before she could stop herself Maomao pounded him soundly on the shoulders. Finally she felt his lips move away from her neck. A string of saliva stretched between them for a good shaku before it finally snapped.
    “What, are you going to bite me to death?”
    “I’ve wanted to at times.”


  • evib2004цитирапредходен месец
    “This will be my pillow”—and put his head smack on Maomao’s knees. The crown of his head was pressed up into her stomach, and his arms were wrapped around her back.
    “Master Jinshi...”
  • Princess Thea Enriquezцитирапреди 2 месеца
    After a long moment, it was Maomao who spoke first: “I’m sorry, but might I ask you to protect me, Master Jinshi?”


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