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The Iliad

Homer's epic poem The Iliad laid the foundation upon which Ancient Greece developed its culture, societal values, religious beliefs and practice of warfare. The influence of The Iliad on Western civilization has been vast, inspiring many of its most famous works of literature, music, and visual art.
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Samuel Butler

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  • Aleksandr Beljakovсподели впечатлениепреди 7 години

    Тяжело зашла. А в итоге, троя все еще не пала.

  • Katrinaсподели впечатлениепредходен месец
    👍Струва си да се прочете

    I'm Greek and we used to read and study for Iliad at school almost everyday.

  • benedettiallisonсподели впечатлениепреди 7 месеца



  • Liamцитирапреди 3 години
    and when the child of morning, rosy-fingered Dawn,
  • Katrinaцитирапредходен месец
    The death of Hector.
  • Katrinaцитирапредходен месец
    The gods hold a council and determine to watch the fight, from the hill Callicolone, and the barrow of Hercules—A fight between Achilles and AEneas is interrupted by Neptune, who saves Aeneas—Achilles kills many Trojans.

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