Brian Tracy

The Psychology of Selling

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Double and triple your sales—in any market.
The purpose of this book is to give you a series of ideas, methods, strategies, and techniques that you can use immediately to make more sales, faster and easier than ever before.
It’s a promise of prosperity that sales guru Brian Tracy has seen fulfilled again and again. More sales people have become millionaires as a result of listening to and applying his ideas than from any other sales training process ever developed.
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    He said that all I had to do was talk to enough people, and eventually I would find someone who would buy. We call this the “mud against the wall” method of selling. (If you throw enough mud against the wall, somewhere, somehow, some of it will stick.) This wasn’t much, but it was all I had.
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    In selling, you only have to be a little bit better and different in each of the key result areas of selling for it to accumulate into an extraordinary difference in income.
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    Rather than trying to overwhelm the prospect with the features and benefits of my product, I focused on learning about the prospect’s situation and how I could best help him or her.

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