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Introducing Aristotle

“Introducing Aristotle” guides the reader through an explosion of theories, from the establishment of systematic logic to the earliest rules of science. Aristotle's authority extended beyond his own lifetime to influence fundamentally Islamic philosophy and medieval scholasticism. For fifteen centuries, he remained the paradigm of knowledge itself. But can Aristotelian realism still be used to underpin our conception of the world today?
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    The interesting point is that Aristotle accepts the need to defend slavery – which suggests that if it were indisputably “natural”, no defence would be needed. Ideas that serve to justify unjustifiable power are called ideology or false consciousness.
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    Human societies have a purpose, which is to meet the needs of people who, as individuals, lack self-sufficiency. When these needs, all of them, are met, then the society is at its most fully developed state and should remain thus.

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