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Martine McDonagh

I Have Waited, and You Have Come

Sensual, poignant and sinister, this is a story of obsession — and survival.
Rachel fends for herself in a country brought to its knees.
Since Jason left two years ago, she only ventures beyond the safety of her storm wall when food supplies dwindle. Her one contact with the outside world is through Noah, who runs the market. Hoping he might be the answer to her isolation, she proposes a date. When another man turns up in Noah's place, she is intrigued and repelled in equal measure. And when Noah denies all knowledge, she sets out to track down the stranger.
Could this be a new beginning, or is she being drawn into a dangerous game?
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Myriad Editions
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  • aishathmanhaa1цитирапреди 6 месеца
    In this life, games have to be unwinnable or you have to keep thinking of new ones.
  • Jerome Ebreoцитирапреди 4 месеца
    Evocative and intriguing,
  • Jerome Ebreoцитирапреди 4 месеца
    Evocative and intriguing,

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