Nouman Ali Khan

Revive Your Heart

How do modern Muslims maintain a spiritual connection with Allah and how do they address major challenges facing the ummah today? These questions and more are answered by Nouman Ali Khan, with his profound engagement with the Qur'an, in this inspiring collection of reminders that exhort us to remember our place in this world.
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    Aljanna Studioсподели впечатлениепреди 3 години
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    Reminder for every muslim

    Faizaсподели впечатлениепреди 2 години
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    I realy love this book. This wider my perspective about Islam. Lets connect again with Quran.

    Manu Karimovсподели впечатлениеминалата година
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    The way how he explains aya is amazing


    Aljanna Studioцитирапреди 3 години
    when you appreciate what Allah has given you, then Allah will take care of you!
    Ririen Bowieцитираминалата година
    hatever You have given me, is exactly what I needed and I desperately needed it. I desperately needed it.
    Vinda Kharisma Rasyidцитираминалата година
    If we don’t do this, we have failed.

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