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Bulk Up Fast and Get the Strong Body You Deserve!

Inside CrossFit, you'll discover the strength training exercises you need to get the most out of your exercise routines. Even if you've never tried a cross fit workout before, you can easily increase your muscle mass with this simple, step-by-step approach.

Inside this book, you'll find the Ultimate Beginner's 4-Week CrossFit Workout, which takes you through a day-by-day program for optimal training and health. You aren't alone in this – with CrossFit, you can stand on the shoulders of fitness giants!

You'll also learn to adopt a heart-healthy diet by getting the vitamins, proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, and anti-oxidants your body craves.

This comprehensive guide even help you decide which pieces of equipment to buy for your home cross fit gym!

Don't spend another minute looking in the mirror and wishing for a better body. Order your copy of CrossFit TODAY!
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