Karen Russell

St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves. Ava Wrestles the Alligator Haunting Olivia

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    Geraldine Guarnerosцитирапреди 3 години
    I had almost forgotten this occipital sorrow, the way you are so alone with the things you see in dreams.
    Geraldine Guarnerosцитирапреди 3 години
    There’s Felipe, a parasomniac with a co-incidence of spirit possession. He caught his ghost after stealing a guanabana from a roadside tree, unaware that its roots had wound around a mass grave of Moncada revolutionaries. He’s been possessed by Francisco Pais ever since. This causes him to sleep-detonate imaginary grenades and sleep-yell “Viva la Revolución!” while sleep-pumping his fist in the air. He is a deceptively apolitical boy by day.
    Geraldine Guarnerosцитирапреди 3 години
    We don’t have any garlic bulbs, so I bring the cauliflower, and hope that any vampires I encounter will be of the myopic, easily duped variety.

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