Raymond Jean

Reader for Hire

A beautiful homage to the art of reading – light and funny. A celebration of the union of sensuality and language.
Marie-Constance loves reading and possesses an attractive voice. So, one day she decides to put an ad in the local paper offering her services as a paid reader. Her first client, a paralysed teenager, is transformed by her reading of a Maupassant short story. Marie-Constance’s fame spreads and soon the rich, the creative and the famous clamour for her services.
Why Peirene chose to publish this book: ‘The premise of the story is brilliant: a woman who loves reading aloud acquires – without realizing – power over others. What’s true for her clients becomes real for you, the reader of this book. As you turn the pages, think of Marie-Constance as the personification of ‘reading’ itself. And I promise you an experience you will never forget.’Meike Ziervogel
‘A clever, funny, and humane work that champions the power of literature.’David Mills,Sunday Times
'An entertaining, sensuous and, above all, fun outing into the converging worlds of reading, language and sexuality.'Pam Norfolk,Lancashire Evening Post
'Reader for Hiremight be the perfect book – written with an elegance whose validity it also questions.'Joanna Walsh,The National
'An excellent new translation of a novel . . . written with a lightness of touch.'Harry Ritchie,Daily Mail
‘A beautiful love declaration to the art of reading. A book that will make you want to read more books.’Cosmopolitan
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Peirene Press


    cikfarihahlawri93сподели впечатлениепреди 6 години
    👍Струва си да се прочете


    b2060880335сподели впечатлениепреди 4 години

    Only a French author could turn reading into sex.


    Kerriцитирапреди 3 години
    hey shuddered and quivered, fraught with inquisitive fear, with the avid and insatiable need for horror that preys on their souls, torments them like a hunger…
    Ксения Буковскаяцитирапреди 5 години
    The explanation isn’t long in coming
    Ксения Буковскаяцитирапреди 5 години
    pay me back in kind

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