Bodo Schäfer

The Winners Laws

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Bodo Schafer is called as “financial Mozart” in Germany. He is considered to be one of the best financial and time management trainers. His books are popular among the readers who want to be successful. “The Laws of the Winners” is not an exception. This book is for those people who is ready to achieve success and to be happy!

Bodo Schafer offers you 30 laws approved by the winners. These laws work indeed making your life better gradually. Try to respect the recommendations and in a couple of weeks you will see your everyday life becomes more effective and positive!

There are exercises in the end of every chapter. They will help you to practice all what you have learnt. When you finish reading of this book you will

- be able to control your life

- Feel more confident and purposeful

- Stop wasting your time for useless worries

- Earn more money

- Achieve harmony in every sphere of life
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