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Jaime Licauco

Soul Mates, Karma and Reincarnation

Is is true we have lived before this lifetime?
Why was the concept of reincarnation removed
from the teachings of the Christian Church?
What is karma? What are the rules governing it?
Why did Edgar Cayce define karma as simply
“meeting yourself”?
Does each of us have a soul mate?
How do we recognize our soul mate when
we meet him or her?
Why do we seldom meet our soul mate?
Can we invoke or pray for a soul mate
to appear in our life?

These and many other fascinating questions about human relationships, universal justice and multiple rebirth are discussed in this much awaited book on Soul Mates, Karma and Reincarnation.

This is the only local book on this subject written by JAIME T. LICAUCO, the country’s foremost authority on mind development, paranormal phenomena and Philippine mysticism. Drawing on his vast knowledge of esoteric sciences, Mr. Licauco provides the reader with an in-depth explanation of soul mates, karma and reincarnation.
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  • Ана Пенкратсподели впечатлениепреди 2 години
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    Here is interesting idea about soul mate

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  • betikostoska7цитирапреди 7 месеца
    That’s why when individuals meet and fall in love, it’s usually with people from their past.
  • betikostoska7цитирапреди 7 месеца
    what I say is that it is not true that we don’t remember our past lives, because the soul never forgets. They just do not surface to our level of consciousness. Under certain circumstances, we can recall everything that has happened to us in our past life
  • betikostoska7цитирапреди 7 месеца
    And people we are surrounded with right now, including you and me, have been together before

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