Charlotte E. English

Miss Landon and Aubranael

What if you met the love of your life — in a different world?

In a quiet English town in 1811, there lives a clergyman’s daughter. Kind-hearted but impoverished, lively but plain, Miss Sophy Landon faces a future with few prospects.

In the neighbouring realm of Aylfenhame, there lives Aubranael. Disfigured among the beauteous fae, his ruined face condemns him to a life lived alone.

Their meeting changes everything.

For Sophy will cross the border, and find a glimmer of a future beyond. Might there be a life, and a love, for her in the realm of the fae?

For Aubranael, a chance encounter with Miss Landon turns his world upside down. Armed with the temporary gift of beauty, can he hope to win her heart?

Pride and Prejudice meets Beauty and the Beast in this heart-warming tale of love, hope and magic.
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Frouse Books
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