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Peripatetic Group Therapy Phenomenology and Psychopathology

Both the phenomeno-structural psychopathology and the peripatetic therapy, also known as therapeutic accompaniment, still are barely known by health professionals and students. This present work offers not only a highly accessible theoretical discussion to beginners in phenomenology, but also proposes a new perspective in phenomeno-structural psychopathology to the most experienced readers.
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    moment 79
    Second moment 81
    A case of schizophrenic melancholia 85
    Transference (bilateral) 93
    Method 101
    Local and participants 101
    The ISM and the definition of therapeutic residence 101
    The ISM residents 104
    Peripatetic therapy in practice 106
    Phenomeno-structural psychopathology in peripatetic group therapy 107
    Results 111
    The residence 113
    The second team meets the residence 114
    The ecological hiking 115
    Music and dance 118
    Ecological hiking 121
    The planning meeting 124
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