Kasni Papatwan

Writing Pleasure By Kasni

Kasni Papatwan, a 10 years old girl pens down her emotions in her first book for her maternal grandparents who left for their heavenly abode together in this pandemic wave. Paying tribute to them through her 21 stories and 10 poems, she seeks everyone’s blessings and love as she sets herself for this new journey of a budding author.

This journey of hers was planned by her grandparents from her childhood, where she would weave stories from her own world of imagination. The world of words, pens was about to be opened by them for her but the deadly virus separated her from their presence. But their guidance, blessings are always there. She sets into the world where she would be holding their hands. Please bestow the little girl as she sets on her voyage.
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Blue Rose Publishers
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