Ziauddin Sardar


Islamic culture has produced some of the finest achievements of humanity. “Introducing Islam” is a fascinating look into a sometimes misunderstood faith.
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    This book is educational, entertaining and most of all comprehendible. You are never to focused on something to small and meaningless, and never lost in the whirlwind of the timeframe or historical perspective. This book has changed the way I view the world and will carry the lessons with me always


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    Islam cannot be blamed for the action of the terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, any more than Christianity can be blamed for the gas chambers, or Catholicism for the activities of Irish terrorists. Terrorists follow their own twisted logic and exist outside normality and beyond reason. They are senseless men whose evil acts appal all people of conscience
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    The Islamization of knowledge debate has now become central to any discussion of the nature of Muslim identity, the impact of modernity on Muslim society and ways of thinking about the present and future Muslim reality
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    Rahman’s assertion that the development of Islamic law was not consistent with the ethical outlook of the Qur’an earned him as many friends as enemies.
    The overall consensus amongst Muslim scholars is that the Muslim world is in urgent need of new thought which

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