Emotional Intelligence, John Allen
John Allen

Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence: The Emotional Intelligence Book — Emotional Intelligence at Work and Emotional Intelligence Leadership This Emotional Intelligence Book will answer the question: what is emotional intelligence (also referred to as EI.) As the book works to define emotional intelligence through the four main branches, it dives deeper into explaining each branch in hopes of bringing about a higher self-awareness in the reader. Most people walk around with low emotional intelligence out of ignorance. They do not know because they have never been taught. Some crowds believe that the emotionally intelligent are as smart as those with high IQ's. People in positions of leadership show a higher aptitude of EI for being able to help others, to calm the crowd and to work well under pressure without cracking. Each of the four branches of the emotional intelligence theory is explained in full detail. The first branch is emotional perception. The second branch is emotional reasoning. The third branch is emotional understanding and the fourth branch is emotional management. Each branch has an explanation on how to do it, how to perceive, how to reason, how to understand, and how to manage the emotions. In leaning this, we can then learn how to improve emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence training helps to make leaders out of people and helps people to learn more about themselves and they will learn how to handle their emotions. A person with a high level of emotional intelligence has learned how to control their reaction to their emotions and they can also help others with their responses to emotions. The emotional intelligence definition shows that we are whole people who have emotions and will go through “emotional” times but that we can control our reaction and responses to these emotions instead of allowing the emotions to show as raw and out of control.
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Dušan Ranđelović
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Worth reading if you know very little about emotional intelligence. There are some good practical advice in this book, which I really liked. However, the majority of the theory are just several points recycled again and again.

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loworosufeцитираминалата година
Ever heard of the old saying "don't go to bed angry?" This saying means to take care of the issues that anger you before you suppress them and allow them to take hold of your body. Find that outlet before you rest, release them, let them go, then rest well. It is good advice and advice we all should take to heart (because it is good for our hearts!)
b2735858575цитирапреди 3 дни
Many believe we can do nothing about our emotional outbursts. The thought is we just have to weather then and then move on; however, the truth is while we cannot control the actual emotion we can control our reaction to them.
Fabian Vieyra
Fabian Vieyraцитирапреди 12 дни
it to fester under the surface

Arrinconarse bajo la superficie

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