William Drake

Understanding German Culture Through American Eyes

Written by an American professor of cross-cultural studies this book is based on interviews with hundreds of German, European and American business people, professionals, students, and travelers. The value of this book to a careful, interested reader is that examining the German culture from an American point of view will yield valuable insights into both cultures.

This book covers topics of interest to the serious international student, traveler or business person who will be spending more than just tourist-time in Germany. Readers will come to see what is needed to go beyond the reserved, cautious face that Germans present to those they don't know well and become accepted.

This isn't a book of 'do this and don't do that'. There are many books that try to teach cultural etiquette. This book is specifically about navigating the cultural interfaces between German and American cultures in areas where increased understanding of how the idiosyncrasies of both cultures can either complement or clash with each other, whether in business, leisure travel, academia, the professions, or just in everyday life.
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Bill Drake
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