Hseham Amrahs

Our Miraculous Trees, Oceans, Rivers and Lakes

It is often said that our world resides in a small seed. In the same way, a small seed has a whole tree inside it. These trees and plants are our first mothers. Their leaves, flowers, roots, fruits and seeds are a part of our daily diet and provide us nutrition. Without these trees our world is incomplete. They provide us with not only food but also provide us with oxygen. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. They also provide shade to the animals and home to the birds. Some plants are also used for medicines mostly herbs. Neem is a good example of medicine. The roots, leaves, seeds and the bark of the Neem tree all are used to make medicines. In Mahatma Buddha’s words, ‘The trees are a magical being in this world. They provide shade to all even to those who come with axes to cut them down.’

There are great reserves of Ocean waters on the earth. Around 97 percent of total water is found in the oceans and simultaneously 70 percent of the earth’s area is covered with Oceans. World’s generally all sea’s, mountains, lakes and the snow and water emerging from the mountains, all get accumulated and meet in the oceans. No such Oceans are found on any other planet. Oceans have their own whole world filled with mysteries and diffusion. Every being of the ocean is there to create amusement in us. In spite of so many researches, yet several mysteries of the oceans remain unsolved.

Rivers and lakes are too very important to us and our environment as they provide us with fresh and clean water. Rivers flow from a number of origins. These origins can be lakes and mountains. Almost every river meets another river or ocean at the end of its journey. The river which meets the main river is called the tributary. From thousands of years rivers have been playing an important role in the lives of human beings and this is the reason why many important towns and cities are located on the banks of the rivers.

We have given a brief detail of these life-giving trees, oceans, rivers and lakes in this book.
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