Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Idiot

    nuraychurokцитирапреди 7 години
    How can I possibly be so when I know myself that I am considered one?
    ABD OUцитираминалата година
    If people don’t learn by experience, they never understand.
    Christabelle Adelineцитирапреди 6 години
    I used to watch the line where earth and sky met, and longed to go and seek there the key of all mysteries, thinking that I might find there a new life, perhaps some great city where life should be grander and richer—and then it struck me that life may be grand enough even in a prison.
    b1569432994цитираминалата година
    “So enough of this nonsense; it’s time we faced the truth. All this continental life, all this Europe of yours, and all the trash about ‘going abroad’ is simply foolery, and it is mere foolery on our part to come. Remember what I say, my friend; you’ll live to agree with me yourself.”
    rdr-1207цитирапреди 2 години
    honey of his words
    itchastarцитирапреди 3 години
    I remember my melancholy was intolerable; I felt inclined to cry; I sat and wondered and wondered uncomfortably; the consciousness that everything was strange weighed terribly upon me; I could understand that it was all foreign and strange.
    alixvuilleminцитирапреди 6 години
    I believe that to execute a man for murder is to punish him immeasurably more dreadfully than is equivalent to his crime. A murder by sentence is far more dreadful than a murder committed by a criminal.
    paintchloeцитирапреди 7 години
    And I had given him up to her!
    paintchloeцитирапреди 7 години
    You wouldn't believe how frightened I am of misbehaving somehow
    paintchloeцитирапреди 7 години
    Do you think you can drink a cup of tea decently,
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