J. Antônio Cirino

Management of hospital communication

Communication is an essential topic to be discussed in the context of hospital management, as it is the common thread connecting all actors within the complex system of healthcare. Indeed, health is dedicated to the care of people, by people. In this sense, all care, management, and support processes are interconnected through verbal and non-verbal mediation conducted by people, via technology or not.
By organizing communication management into three main steps — strategic, organizational, and institutional, J. Antônio Cirino helps to formalize knowledge regarding best practices and communication solutions. He suggests tools and concepts helping to diagnose the different scenarios and resources available in any type of setting to improve the communication strategy.
“Management of Hospital Communication” is a strong contribution to the important topic of communication. Mr. Cirino's book connects the fundamental knowledge of communication sciences to the practical application in the health sector for hospital management and should be a valuable read to organizational leaders from around the globe.
Ronald Lavater
CEO — Chief Executive Officer
IHF — International Hospital Federation
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