Cathy Wilson

Cycling for Nutrition 102: Fast Weight Loss

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Cycling Nutrition 102: Fast Weight Loss by expert Cathy Wilson introduces with spunk how to Blast Fat Fast learning PRACTICAL Cycling Nutrition. Developing a Personalized plan touching on . . .
* ESSENTIAL Nutrients Your Body Craves
* DEFINING Serving Size
* ENCOURAGING Effective Health Changes
* CONSIDERATION of Preferences and Tolerances
* BENEFITS of Eating for Your Body
* ADVANTAGES of Cycling Nutrition Plan
* MOTIVATION Importance
Fat interferes with longevity, quality health, sound mind, productivity, fulfilling relationships and POSITIVE self-esteem. Wilson serves up the knowledge and KNOW-HOW to . . .
* DEMOLISH Fat * INCREASE Metabolism
* SUSTAIN Weight Loss
* MAGNIFY Lean Muscle
* INDENTIFY Blockages
* DISCOURAGE Serious Illness and Disease
* MINIMIZE Annoying Aches and Pains
* INITIATE Positive Life Changes
* GUIDE Toward Reasonable Expectations
* POSTIVELY Influence Mindset
Let's get started!
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