Cathy Wilson

Creative Confidence Concept Action: Self Confidence Secrets

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Creative Confidence Concept Action by Cathy Wilson is an expert health and wellness guide that introduces the importance of creative thinking in your life. It’s about learning to open your mind, discovering HOW to change your ways.
STOP Making Excuses and Take Positive Action!
Solution Factors covered in this action packed book are…
RECOGNITION – Stick your head in the sand and that’s where it’s gonna stay! Actually admit there are changes you can make to gain confidence. The first step.
KNOWLEDGE – Taking charge and researching to gain knowledge is critical if you are ever going to climb the mountain of life. You need creative thinking skills to build confidence.
TAKE ACTION – You are wasting time learning about anything if you aren’t going to actually implement change. Brilliant doctors wasting away on the couch playing video games aren’t going to help make the next gynormous medical discovery are they?
Let's get started!
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