Crawford Kilian

Sell Your Nonfiction Book

Tens of thousands of nonfiction books are published every year, and yours can get published too!

To get your nonfiction book published, you'll need to know how to develop your ideas and write a book that stands out from the crowd. And you'll also need to know how to get editors' attention, how to work with agents, editors, and publishers, and ultimately how to sell your book to a publisher.

Sell Your Nonfiction Book covers everything you'll need to know to develop your idea, write a book, and sell it to a publisher. It covers every step starting with developing the initial idea for the book, to storyboarding, researching, writing, and finally selling the book to a publisher.
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    The personal experience examines something in your life with wide relevance to others, for instance, coping with a rare or extremely common burden, or responding to a very ordinary or very bizarre experience.
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    The personality profile
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    The travel article
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