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Danielle Devlin

Burnt Offerings

How far would you go to save yourself when the truth can't set you free?
Scotland, 1589.
Besse Craw is a young mother whose husband has mysteriously vanished. And in a time when women were powerless, she is accused of witchcraft, abused by her employer, and destined to lose her daughter, her freedom and her life.
Set during the infamous North Berwick Witch Trials, that saw many persecuted, tortured and killed, Besse uncovers long-held secrets as she fights for justice and truth in a world of suspicion and lies.
285 печатни страници
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Birlinn, Polygon
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    I looked at Jenny, remembering her in her crib, the way her fingers played in mine, the way her cheek lay hot on my skin. I wished I had the power to give her safe passage through this life, but truth is, it would have taken a real witch to do that
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    He hadn’t believed them on his first crossing, but now . . . now there could be no other explanation.

    ‘This is the work of witches.’
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    It boiled and it raged until the rocks wept and the dawn cursed
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