Brenda Ueland

If You Want to Write

Ueland published two books during her life. The first was If You Want to Write, first published in 1938. In this book, she shares her philosophies on writing and life in general. She stresses the idea that “Everyone is talented, original, and has something important to say.” Drawing heavily on the work and influence of William Blake, she suggests that writers should “Try to discover your true, honest, un-theoretical self.” She sums up her book with 12 points to keep in mind while writing. Brenda Ueland was a journalist, editor, freelance writer, and teacher of writing.
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    Lukaцитирапреди 8 месеца
    I say a line slowly, slowly, slowly, and I can see in my imagination each word and how it looks in print and in reality.
    Lukaцитирапреди 8 месеца
    But if when I walk I look at the sky or the lake or the tiny, infinitesimally delicate, bare, young trees, or whereever I want to look, and my neck and jaw are loose and I feel happy and say to myself with my imagination, “I am free,” and “There is nothing to hurry about,” I find then that thoughts begin to come to me in their quiet way.
    Lukaцитирапреди 8 месеца
    more clear, tranquil, and unstimulated you are, the slower the ideas come, but the better they are.
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