Kelly Morgan Dempewolf

As my body attacks itself: My journey with autoimmune disease, chronic pain & fatigue

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50 million Americans suffer with an autoimmune disease and countless more deal with chronic pain, fatigue and illness. These diseases are often invisible yet they touch every part of a person's life and of the lives of the people they love.

This book is an honest, raw look at the thoughts, concerns, fears and struggles. as Kelly deal with Sjögren's Syndrome (the second most common autoimmune disease). The story isn't just about Sjogren's, or even just autoimmune disease. It's for everyone impacted by chronic disease of any kind.

Kelly's hope is that patients will find solace and validation; friends and family will gain understanding and the abilities to empathize, communicate and support loved ones; and medical professionals will gain understanding and ability to empathize – impacting the way they interact with patients.
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