Brian Tracy

Sales Management (The Brian Tracy Success Library)

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The job of the sales manager is to recruit, manage, and motivate a top team of high-performing sales professionals. This book shows you how to do it. World-renowned sales expert Brian Tracy has spent decades studying what sets the most successful sales managers and professionals apart from the rest-and now in this pocket-sized guide, he distills these simple but powerful strategies. Readers will discover the six key characteristics of a winning sales team and learn how to: Select and recruit sales champions * Start them off on the right foot * Establish clear objectives * Determine a sales plan * Inspire singleness of purpose * Demonstrate respect and appreciation * Motivate people with the right incentives * Boost their self-concept to boost revenue * Develop winners through continuous coaching and training * Brainstorm sales solutions * Measure results * Conduct game-changing performance reviews * Discipline effectively * De-hire poor performers *Lead by example A compact but essential resource, Sales Management will help readers increase the effectiveness of their sales force, improve their bottom line, and advance their own career and satisfaction in the process.
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Nikolay Khokhlov
Nikolay Khokhlovсподели впечатлениеминалата година
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Short, on point

Vadim Liu
Vadim Liuсподели впечатлениепреди 3 години
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Good read in general for management, not only sales


Yulia  Ogorodnikova
Yulia Ogorodnikovaцитираминалата година
Sales management is an inexact science because salespeople are very different from most other employees. A sales manager must be a friend, a counselor, a confidant, a stern taskmaster, and an efficient business-oriented executive, all at the same time.
Alexander Sokolov
Alexander Sokolovцитираминалата година
The answer was almost always, “I stayed at the job because of my sales manager. I liked him, trusted him, and felt comfortable in that company.” The research shows that it is quite common for some salespeople to join a company and stay there for decades because of the high-quality relationship with the sales manager.
Nikolay Khokhlov
Nikolay Khokhlovцитираминалата година
The 75 percent rule simply said that from now on, the salespeople should spend 75 percent of their time in the field with customers talking about IBM products and services

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