Guy Davenport,J.R.,Hilary Spurling,Robert Clark,Paul Moore,Madison Smartt Bell,Dick Davis,Jacqueline Brown,Alice Bloom,C.B. Cox,C.S. Giscombe,Charles W. Millard,Diana Webster,Frederick Bro,John P. Sisk,Joseph Bennett,Lynda McDonnell

Places Lost and Found

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The Hudson Review has always had an international focus. Travel and reports from abroad have figured prominently in the journal, including essays on exotic and picturesque locales, as well as accounts from war-torn areas and the experiences of exiles. Many of these are pilgrimages; others are harrowing memoirs. What unites even the most devastating of these accounts are intellectual curiosity and a spirit of adventure.
Places Lost and Found is a treasury of distinctive and compelling essays selected from six decades of the Hudson Review. From a description of the gardens of Kyoto and a portrait of Syria just before its civil war to reflections on Veblen and the Mall of America, these essays explore an array of places that are deeply layered with history and meaning.
The stunning cover photo of the Semper Opera House in Dresden encapsulates many of the themes of the book: war and its aftermath, the importance of the built environment in any discussion of “place,” the endurance of civilization and resilience, and of course the romance of travel.
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