Cathy Wilson

Ketogenic Diet: Introductory Beginner's Guide

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Ketogenic Diet: Introductory Beginner's Guide by Nutrition Expert Cathy Wilson delivers the expert information on this highly controversial high fat, moderate protein, and low carb diet.

Similar to gynormously successful Adkins Diet, but not quite the same…

Scientifically proven to…

*Force fat loss with minimal glucose availability
*Suppress development cancer
*Lower cholesterol
*Reduce risk heart disease
*Boost energy
*Improves weight loss management
*Increases motility, mobility, and cognitive function
*Lengthens life expectancy

Wilson uses M.D's to validate the safety and effective fast weight loss with this low carb diet book, by explaining in plain English, the different types of ketosis…

-Diabetic Ketosis
-Nutritional Ketosis

This new and improved, easy to understand, LOGICAL take-action Ketogenic Diet: Introductory Beginner's Guide shows you how to slip back into your skinny jeans to stay!

Time to transform your dream to reality FAST!
Let's get started!
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