Søren Kierkegaard

Sickness Unto Death

The Sickness unto Death, Kierkegaard moves beyond anxiety on the mental-emotional level to the spiritual level, where--in contact with the eternal--anxiety becomes despair. Both anxiety and despair reflect the misrelation that arises in the self when the elements of the synthesis--the infinite and the finite--do not come into proper relation to each other. Despair is a deeper expression for anxiety and is a mark of the eternal, which is intended to penetrate temporal existence.
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    Mustafa Kılınçцитирапреди 4 години
    Moreover, the determination of sin as a position involves also, in an entirely different sense, the possibility of offense, the paradox. For the paradox results from the doctrine of the atonement.
    Mustafa Kılınçцитирапреди 4 години
    The more consciousness, the more self; the more consciousness, the more will, and the more will the more self.
    Mustafa Kılınçцитирапреди 4 години
    He rages most of all at the thought that eternity might get it into its head to take his misery from him!

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