Steve Creech,Wyland

Hold Your Water

The renowned marine life artist and founder of The Wyland Foundation shares vital information and practical advice on protecting the world’s water.
Artist and conservationist Wyland has spent decades encouraging responsible stewardship of the world’s oceans and marine life. In Hold Your Water, he offers an engaging introduction to this important topic, providing readers with fresh insight into the water and world around us. Taking a conversational approach to conservation, it dives into simple ways that even little old you can make a difference—all with a witty, and at times whimsical, slant on the world in which we live. 
The book offers easy ways for people to help preserve water and other related precious resources. Divided into more than thirty sections, this compendium illustrates how everyday activities such as car washing, showering, fertilizing—even ‘pet poop’ cleanup—can negatively impact the environment. It then delivers more than 100 tips and tidbits that will help you protect your planet.
Whether you are one of the nearly three-quarters of Americans who consider themselves environmentalists, or you just want to know more about the world in which you live, Hold Your Water is a book worth holding on to.
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