Agatha Christie

The Under Dog

Lily Murgrave visits Hercule Poirot because Sir Ruben Astwell has been murdered, and although all the signs point to her nephew, lady Astwell, for whom Lily works, has a hunch that the murderer is someone else. The Belgian detective will settle in Mon Repos, the Astwell mansion, to solve the mystery and closely investigate each suspect.
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MB Cooltura
Вече чели ли сте я? Какво мислите за нея?


  • Nicoleцитирапреди 18 дни
    One looks for humanity in these matters, does one not?”
  • Eudora Chuahцитирапреди 3 години
    but I’d like to get this clear. I didn’t care for Arlena—only just a little at first—and living with her day after day was a pretty nerve-racking business. In fact it was absolute hell, but I was awfully sorry for her. She was such a damned fool—crazy about men—she just couldn’t help it—and they always let her down and treated her rottenly. I simply felt I couldn’t be the one to give her the final push. I’d married her and it was up to me to look after her as best I could. I think she knew that and was grateful to me really. She was—she was a pathetic sort of creature really
  • Eudora Chuahцитирапреди 3 години
    “Rosamund, did you get some extraordinary idea into your head that I’d killed Arlena.”

    Rosamund looked rather shamefaced. She said:

    “I suppose I was a damned fool.”

    “Of course you were.”

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