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Evernote: How to Master Evernote in 1 Hour & Getting Things Done Without Forgetting. ( An Essential Underground Guide To GTD In 7 Days Revealed! )

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    Hide or show at the left panel
    Assign a new tag
    Ctrl + Alt + T
    Sync with the Evernote database manually
    Start another search
    Remove formatting function from a note
    Ctrl + Space
    Make a search that can later be saved
    Ctrl + Shift + S
    Finding something on an open note
    Ctrl + F
    Making a new tag
    Ctrl + Alt + T
    Clear a previous search
    Ctrl + Shift + A
    Hide or show note list
    Minimize Evernote while closing all notes
    Close Evernote
    Ctrl + Q
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    Evernote Cheat Sheet
    The usual Windows shortcuts are also applicable to Evernote operations. If you are familiar with Ctrl + v to paste and Ctrl + a to include all parts of the document, then it will be easy for you to do the cheats for Evernote. Below is a list of cheats you can employ to make shortcut Evernote operations.
    For Windows
    Table for Window Cheats
    To Do This Do This
    Making a new note
    Ctrl + Shift + N
    Check spelling on an open note
    Ctrl + F7
    Ctrl + F6
    Hide or show note panel
    Ctrl + F11
    Hide or show note info
    Ctrl + F5
    Hide or show search explanation
    Ctrl + F10
    Hide or show at the left panel
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