David Spencer

Expression of Consciousness

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Expression of Consciousness gives details of communicating and seeing spirit for the first time, working with the spirit world with mental mediumship, trance mediumship and healing. It explains Spencer’s experiences visiting the Spirit World through meditation and gives details of what the Spirit World is like, and shares valuable information on how to expand your conscious awareness to grow as a person in order to find your true life purpose.
Expression of Consciousness inspires and self-empowers the reader. It will bring moments of joy, it will touch your soul, and it will bring some clarity that spiritual development is more than just development, it becomes a way of life.
You will begin to see you are more than just a human being, but a multi-dimensional conscious being that has the power to completely change your life though the way you think. Throughout the book Spencer talks from the heart and the reader will feel that emotion coming through in his printed words.
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