Leslie Jonath

The Little Pleasures of Paris

A book of illustrations celebrating French culture and must-see sites in the capital of France—a perfect gift for a travel lover or Paris enthusiast.
Take an enchanting tour of Paris’s most charming places, objects, and pastimes in this lovingly compiled Francophile handbook. Organized by season, The Little Pleasures of Paris takes the reader through a year’s worth of quintessentially Parisian experiences, from secret gardens bursting with roses to exotic plumage at the city’s bird market, candied violets at Paris’s oldest sweet shop, dazzling colors in the stained glass at Sainte-Chapelle, and more. The friendly text and whimsical illustrations make this delightful ebook a poetic letter to the City of Light. Unusual details that might otherwise go unnoticed are celebrated and offer a uniquely intimate perspective in this triomphe of je ne sais quoi and joi de vivre!
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Chronicle Books LLC
Lizzy Stewart
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