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Git: Version Control for Everyone Beginner's Guide

In DetailGit — is free software which enables you to maintain different versions of single or multiple files present inside a directory(folder), and allows you to switch back and forth between them at any given point of time. It also allows multiple people to work on the same file collaboratively or in parallel, without being connected to a server or any other centralized system continuously.
This book is a step by step, practical guide, helping you learn the routine of version controlling all your content, every day.
If you are an average computer user who wants to be able to maintain multiple versions of files and folders, or to go back and forth in time with respect to the files content — look no further. The workflow explained in this book will benefit anyone, no matter what kind of text or documentation they work on.
This book will also benefit developers, administrators, analysts, architects and anyone else who wishes to perform simultaneous, collaborative work, or work in parallel on the same set of files. Git's advanced features are there to make your life easier.
ApproachThe book follows a Blended Learning Approach (Learning through multiple modes: Readers learn theory to understand the concept and reinforce it by practically doing it). The new concepts are introduced using examples of common day to day activities for quick realization spread across topics.
Who this book is forFor the computer literate who want to leverage the advantage of maintaining multiple versions of files/folders to go back and forth in time with respect to the files content. For developers, administrators, analysts, architects and any others who want to perform a simultaneous, collaborative or work in parallel on the same set of files.
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