Simon Bell

The Complete No B.S. How-To Book on Bodyweight Training And Calisthenics

This eBook has over 100 picture demonstrations with in-depth instructions for each exercise, so that you will know how to perform every exercise with perfect form.
Also, if you Buy the Paperback Version then you get the Kindle eBook Version completely FREE!
WARNING: You may develop one or more of the following bodily features as a result of you buying this book:
1. Massive chest
2. 6-pack Abs
3. Huge Arms
4. Chiseled Legs
5. Bulging shoulders
6. Big Round Bubble Butt
Now with that disclaimer out of the way, this No B.S. book contains the only 120 bodyweight exercises that you will ever need. No need for a gym membership. No need for expensive gym equipment. All you need is YOU and your own body. These are exercises that can achieve whatever muscle building or fat loss goals that you may have.
Many people don't realize that they already have all the resources that they need to get lean, in-shape and just plain ripped! Saying that you can't workout or get in shape because you don't live near a gym or can't afford a gym membership is nothing but a lame excuse and a flat out lie. Your body is all that you need to be able to get that sexy summer beach body. With motivation and the right mindset (and this book) anyone can develop a great body.
This book's chapters are broken down into exercises by the following muscle groups:

Chest (12 exercises)
Shoulders (12 exercises)
Triceps (11 exercises)
Back + Biceps (19 exercises)
Legs (22 exercises)
Glutes/Booty (15 exercises)
Calves (7 exercises)
Abs/Core (24 exercises)
No matter how old or young, tall or short, strong or weak, skinny or fat that you are. It is NEVER too late to start working out, and what better place to start than from the comfort of your own home.
Don't miss out and a grab a copy!
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