Nadine Taylor

Green Tea

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Friendly, readable, and chock full of amazing information about green tea's health benefits, Green Tea: The Natural Secret to a Healthier Life is backed by five decades of scientific research. Also included is a fun look at green tea's history, customs, ceremonies, and safety, plus some great recipes. You'll head straight for the teapot and start brewing!

Back in the 1970s, medical researchers discovered that people who regularly drank a little-celebrated beverage known as green tea seemed to have extra protection against cancer, heart attacks, strokes, infections, diarrhea, and other common ailments. This spurred a period of intensive research into green tea's health benefits that has continued for more than five decades. Today, a wealth of evidence shows that green tea truly can help prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease, regulate cholesterol levels, ward off infections and tooth decay, reduce body fat, fight harmful bacteria and viruses, slow aging, and even lengthen life.

In this easy, accessible guide, you'll learn about the many health benefits of green tea and how it works it magic in your body. You'll journey through the 5,000-year history of tea, discover the many types and tastes of green tea, learn about the Japanese and Chinese tea ceremonies, and find out how to make the perfect cuppa. You'll also find some yummy recipes for green tea drinks and desserts.

Written by a registered dietitian and long-time green tea aficionado, Green Tea is a comprehensive, educational, and thoroughly enjoyable look at the many facets of this ancient secret to a healthier life. Read it while sipping a steaming cup of green tea!
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