Chris Luttichau

Chris Luttichau is a Danish visionary, healer, and author of two books on ancient and contemporary shamanic practice. He is the keeper of a comprehensive body of teachings on shamanism and earth-based spirituality.

Chris began on the shamanic path in 1980. After 30 years of study, Chris is the keeper of an integral body of teachings that he shares in workshops and ongoing one-year and three-year training groups. The teachings cover a broad range of topics from healing and dreaming to spirit contact and self-development.

In 1998 he founded Northern Drum Shamanic Centre as an educational base from which to offer teachings in the UK, and online. He also leads wilderness expeditions.

Chris Lüttichau is the author of the acclaimed books on shamanism: Calling Us Home — Find Your Path, Your Balance and Your Inner Strength (2017) and Animal Spirit Guides: Discover your Power Animal and the Shamanic Path (2009).

He has appeared on TV on BBC 1 and in Denmark on TV2. He also has given radio interviews in the USA and Canada.

Chris Lüttichau currently lives in Cornwall, UK.

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