Gaye B. Clark

Gaye B. Clark is an American author and registered nurse who writes in the Christian living genre. She is best known for her book Loving Your Adult Children: The Heartache of Parenting and the Hope of the Gospel.

Gaye Bishop Clark was born in Charleston, South Carolina. She attended Middleton High School in Charleston. After high school, she studied Nursing at Clemson University and the Medical University of South Carolina.

Gaye began her career as a registered nurse at University Hospital in Augusta, GA. She also worked at Christ Community Health Services Augusta and Erlanger. Her experience includes working as a Nurse Case Manager at Parkridge Health System. Gaye was the Director of Women's Initiatives at Servants of Grace and later became a part-time correspondent for WORLD magazine.

Gaye Clark has worked with young adults for more than twenty years. In 2024, Gaye published Loving Your Adult Children, a book that offers gospel hope to parents struggling with their relationships with adult children. The book aims to reorient parents' focus toward Christ, emphasizing the gospel as the source of lasting peace and relationships. "This book is less about what to do as a parent and more about who you are as a parent," says Gaye.

Loving Your Adult Children provides a gospel-centered framework for navigating relationships with adult children. The book addresses the pains of parenthood, including patterns of miscommunication and resentment that can damage relationships over the years. Gaye empathizes with readers bearing the weight of parenthood, encouraging them to see themselves as image bearers of God first and parents second.

The book examines the fruit of the Spirit concerning parenting adult children and includes study questions for reflection. Gaye explains, "As kids grow, so do the pains of parenthood. Confused, hurt, and sometimes angry, moms and dads can struggle to know where to turn for help and where to look for hope."

Gaye B. Clark's writing appeals to parents of adult children, addressing the pain and suffering associated with parenting. Her book shifts readers' focus from their horizontal relationships with their children to their vertical relationship with Christ.

Gaye B. Clark lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and is a member of New City Fellowship. She is a widow, a mother of two adult children and a grandmother of three.

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