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Per Spangsberg Madsenцитирапреди 9 месеца
In truth, there are only two states when we are communicating with another person: actively listening and not listening at all.
Per Spangsberg Madsenцитирапреди 9 месеца
They assume that listening is such a fundamental sense that the whole process will happen automatically. It doesn’t really work that way. Or they may be so used to doing all the overt gestures of listening that they are convinced it is really happening.
Per Spangsberg Madsenцитирапреди 9 месеца
Without this, communication is nothing more than a facade, which may be sufficient when spending time talking to a neighbor on the street, but is completely inadequate in any business environment. Since businesses depend on human interaction to succeed, the quality of that interaction must be of the highest level, and interaction means communication.
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