Shrikant Prasoon



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Hinduism in Spiritual Quadruplets
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The ‘Elephant’ is just a symbol. The ‘Elephant’ is the Brahman or the Vedas, or Eternal Religion, or Humanism, or Hinduism; the Scriptures; anyone of them or all of them. The ‘Elephant’ in itself is a symbol of ‘bigness’, ‘heaviness’, ‘diffcult’ or such things. In Hinduism it symbolises ‘problems’. In dreams or in reality, a man chased by an elephant symbolises a person facing problems.
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In the Mahãbhãrata, complete ‘Existentialism’ is expressed through this symbol. In that symbolic presentation, an elephant is chasing a man. He is running away from it and the elephant is coming closer. He sees a dead and dry well. He jumps into it. The moment he jumps, he sees snakes at the bottom of the well. A big branch of a banyan tree has come down inside the well. In order to keep himself away from the snakes he caught the branch. The elephant came up to the well and tried to catch the man with its heavy trunk. When the man looks up towards the elephant he sees that a white and a black rat are nibbling (cutting) the branch. He looks up and finds a beehive. Honey as drops was falling on the leaves. It falls on a leaf nearby. He licks the honey happily.
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