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Sabin Chaulagainцитирапреди 6 месеца
human beings tend to blindly trust their perception, to the point of considering it to be shared by everyone.
Shizцитирапреди 6 месеца
Without thinking, does the black figure seem to be facing us, or does it have its back to us? Are you above it, or below? You’re hesitating…

Now look at the image below: the individual clearly seems to be facing us, their elbows leant on the barrier, and they’re located above you. And now that you have this image in mind, look at the first version of the image again. The interpretation you make of it will copy the scenario that image (a) led you to see, and now the black figure appears to be facing you at a low-angle shot
AURAцитирапреди 6 месеца
brain, which shelters our knowledge, operates through estimates. The outcome is that our knowledge of things and of the world is always relative.
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