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Allan Pease

Questions Are The Answers

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Allan Pease has been known internationally as 'Mr Body Language' since his book Definitive Book of Body Language became a multi-million seller and the communication bible for organisations worldwide. He has written eighteen bestsellers - including ten number ones - and has appeared on most major radio and television programs in 55 counties.
In Questions Are The Answers, Allan Pease documents, for the first time, one of the most remarkable techniques ever seen in network marketing. Using simple, field tested skills and strategies, you will learn how to build your networking business to a level beyond your wildest dreams. This book will show you how to achieve a lifetime of top-of-the-line income.
Top level networkers are not 'natural' or 'born'. Top level networking is a science - a learnable skill, and Questions Are The Answers gives you the techniques and shows you how to use them, how to measure and improve your progress and what to observe when dealing with people.
Even if you are not a Network Marketer, this information will change forever the way you look at the negotiation and persuasion process.
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Allan Pease


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Questions Are The Answers