Rene Hedley,Laurent Redd,and Enzo Triston

Green Living Bundle: 3 in 1 Bundle, Creative Recycling Side, Go Zero Waste, and Living With a Green Heart

Green Living Bundle: 3 in 1 Bundle, Creative Recycling Side, Go Zero Waste, and Living With a Green Heart

Topics of helping our environment have been in the forefront of many conversations, news, and debates nowadays. You often hear of climate change and how if we don’t do anything now, the damaging effects to our planets may be irreversible. Some people think that whatever they do is insignificant and would not really have any impact on our environment but this is false. It is certainly a group effort. If everyone practices green living even in small ways, it would have a huge impact on helping our planet.

The audiobooks in this bundle will teach you all the little ways you can help the environment. You will learn different tips and strategies on how you can help the environment in your own way to become less polluted. You will learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint in order to be environmentally-friendly. It will educate you on the proper ways of recycling and how you can incorporate it in all aspects of your life. You will discover tips when buying so you don’t add as much waste as possible.

This three-in-one bundle includes the following audiobooks:

1. Creative Recycling Side: The Ultimate Guide on Recycling, Discover Effective Ways to Recycle So We Can Save the Earth and Create a Better Future

For Our Children

2. Go Zero Waste: The Essential Guide on How to Live an Environment-Friendly Life, Learn Different Ways and Useful Tips On How To Live and Help

the Environment at the Same Time

3. Living with a Green Heart: The Essential Guide to Green Living, Discover Helpful Ideas on How You Can Practice Greener Living to Help The


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