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Stillpoint: Reflections From A Year On The Cliff

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Stillpoint is the moment between thoughts, when all mental chatter ceases and the clarity of absolute mind emerges from within. Stillpoint is also an audiobook of short stories and original music from Grammy-winning producer, writer, and Zenist, Barrett Martin. Building on his previous two audiobooks that also came with musical soundtracks (The Singing Earth (2017) The Way Of The Zen Cowboy (2019), Stillpoint is his third audiobook with 18 stories and 15 original compositions that provide the soundtrack to the book.

Both the book and the music were written and recorded during a calendar year between 2019-2020, when Barrett and his wife lived in a remote cliff house inside a wildlife refuge overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca, between Washington State and British Columbia. It’s a region where Barrett grew up and locals refer to as Cascadia, a wild and dramatic place with fierce storms, enchanting forests, and magical animals: bald eagles, ravens, hawks, screech owls, coyotes, raccoons, deer, bats, and the odd multicolored snake, are just some of the many creatures that reside in Cascadia and inspire the stories and songs in the book.

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